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With roots in Chicago, Illinois and 13 years of experience in the florida real estate market

/ About Me

I have established myself as a highly successful real estate investor, entrepreneur, and educator.

Specializing in value-added acquisitions, construction management,and disposition, I have a diverse range of experience and expertise, including private lending, financial leveraging, investment education, and strategic entry and exit strategies. As the head of a full-time real estate investing business, I have a proven track record of success, having completed acquisitions worth millions of dollars in buy-n-hold endeavors, rehabbed millions of dollars in fix-n-flip properties, and managed construction projects from $30,000 to almost $10 million. I have also  wholesaled millions of dollars in real estate through strategic financing and title exchanges, and have negotiated financing on several million dollars of real estate. 

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As a passionate educator, I make it a priority to share my knowledge and help people understand the five fundamentals that have the power to transform and add value to any aspect of life.


I am also an experienced speaker, regularly sharing my insights and strategies with audiences across the country.


With a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to helping others succeed, I am dedicated to making a positive impact in the world of real estate and beyond.

Join host Carlos as he explores the intersection of Faith and Real Estate on the Work, Pray & Invest podcast. Each Episode, Carlos brings on experts to discuss practical strategies for investing in Real Estate and Building wealth, while also delving into the spiriual principles that guide our financial decisions. Wheather you’re a seasoned  investor or just starting  to think about  your financial future Work , Pray & Invest offeres valuable insights and inspiration to help you achieve your financial goals with purpose and meaning

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